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Weblogic is a company of new technologies with an over-Greece range that specializes in analyzing, designing and developing integrated applications and websites by using modern technologies and tools. It provides original, well-designed, functional, expandable results and adapted to the needs of enterprises, mainly tourist ones.

Its executives are professionals and scientists with long experience in this field and with deep knowledge of new technologies. They guarantee excellent results regarding the providing services and production of software.

The main goal of the company is to develop business software in areas such as tourism, social media, etc., and has already created innovative products that meet the needs of the majority of tourist enterprices.

Weblogic has hundreds of websites and many on line & real time applications in its portfolio, moreover it has customers & partners across Greece. Weblogic provides tools and solutions that can support a wide variety of needs and models in any business though the environment of Internet.

Some indicative services offered by the company are the following:

Analysis, design & development of business applications with Internet technology (Web Development).
Analysis, design & development of tourism portals and websites with dynamic content (Web Design)
Consulting services regarding emerging technological fields
Implementation of Corporate presentations
Web Hosting

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