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PackageDeals. Dynamic Packaging Booking Engine

Package Deals is a next generation dynamic packaging online booking engine, that enables the consumers to build & Book their own package in Hotel Basis, in combination with flights, car rental, excursions and other tourist services.

PackageDeals is available:
• in B2C environment (Business To Consumer) for individual customers and internet users and
• in B2B environment (Business To Business) for partners and corporate clients.

In PackageDeals is collected:
• the information for all the possible choices of itinerary (flight, etc.)
• plus the accommodation,
on the basis of the departure point and the desired destination.
As a result the application Package Deals automatically creates combinations and displays the corresponding offers for packages.

More extra services that are available from multiple vendors can be added and combined with the package, providing it with more benefits and facilities. These additional services can be:
• Transfers
• Excursions
• Car rentals
• Travel Insurance
• Meals, etc.

In PackageDeals Booking Engine there is ability to:
• manage the package during its setup
• customize the package as each consumer desires
• change the mandatory services
• change the optional services
• select the payment options.

In PackageDeals Booking Engine :
• an easy and friendly environment is offered
• multi language user’s interface is provided
• all the requirements and standards are met
• the Internet users can choose quickly and easily the preferred services and can create the ideal tour package that will fully cover every needs
• full presentation of the package and complete description of each service is offered
• total price of the package is automatically recalculated
• the booking is completed in just three steps
• various ways of payment are enabled (cash on delivery, credit card for paying a deposit or the full amount)
• ability to issue and print on the relevant vouchers (reservation voucher, invoices, etc.)

The PackageDeals application applies to :
• Hoteliers
• Travel Agents
• Tour Operators
that wish to sell all kinds of their services (in association with third party services) as a part of packages with a dynamic configuration.

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