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TOURdms Destination Management System is an integrated application for full- web presentation, promotions and marketing of destinations and travel services.
It implements on tourist websites and portals.

TOURdms provides a set of online tools and services for dynamic marketing and promotion of a destination in International tourist market.
Thanks to its flexible design TOURdms can be adapted to the requirements and characteristics of small and large destinations regardless of geographic range.
TOURdms allows the presentation of a comprehensive destination on the Internet and the possibility of direct sales of tourist services by involving local businesses.

TOURdms is the combination of:
1. technology
2. dynamic marketing and
3. full potential of the Internet
All these are combined to present every aspect of a destination, to highlight any tourism business and to maximize economic benefits for the local community.

TOURdms provided services :
• Developing a tourist portal
• Incorporating a Booking Engine
• Providing an e-commercial Platform
• Developing the content
• Providing support services
• Commercial presentation of the portal
• Counseling guidance
• Staff training in TOURdms operators

TOURdms advantages:
• is an open architecture application
• is an advanced electronic marketing platform
• designed in a very familiar developing environment
• extremely easy to use
• very powerful so that it can provide unlimited potential for dynamic content management and future expandability without boundaries.
• has a very flexible design
• can be adapted to the requirements and characteristics
• can be used for small and large destinations regardless of geographic range
• provides quick, easy, full control of web pages
• offers categorization of the content
• provides Tree Structure categorization
• provides Photo Gallery
• content in unlimited languages

TOURdms applies to :
• Hoteliers
• Tourist / Travel agencies.
• Tour Operators, hotel chains, etc.
• Tourist portals and websites that handle and manage on-line & real time bookings of travel services
• Entities and organizations that provide package tour services such as Municipal, Prefectural and Regional tourist enterprices.

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