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Cloud PMS «Webhotel» is an innovative and pioneering hotel management information system (Web PMS - Property Management System), for medium and small size and all types of accommodation.
Fully implemented with internet technology (web) thus:

has a very friendly user interface and

is easy to handle even for those who do not have relevant experience using the respective applications.

It handles everything graphically. It is a versatile product and thorough research and study needs of hotel industry regarding their requirements in the field of integrated computer the.

Webhotel Functions.

The system contains the following functions :

  • Full Integrated and unified mechanism booking.

Full integration with Webhotelier, on line & real time booking Engine for accommodation bookings leader in the greek market. Consequently there is no need to set availability for the web where availability is common for each type of booking made by Webhotel, WebhotelierIDS (Internet Distribution Systems), GDS (Global Distribution Systems), Β2Β reservations, Tour Operators, Travel Agents exc.
Linking Webhotel with IDS & GDS performed through Webhotelier.

  • DashBoard.

DashBoard presents on one screen, all the important information needed by the authorized user of the application. With proper security access "see" directly, new bookings, urgent tasks and their current status, lists of the most recent check-in and check-outs and a list of available units (rooms, apartments, etc.). You can filter the list using multiple criteria. The information in the DashBoard is performed in real time according to changes made to the data.

  • Reservation Plan

To Reservation Plan is a visual display of the units (rooms, etc.) based on actual bookings. The user may select an available unit of the plan and make a reservation with one click. All changes made ​​by a user are displayed in the scene in real time to each user.
Since the plan can be made ​​quickly and simply all the procedures of detention, such as:

  • New Reservation,
  • Amend Reservation,
  • Arrivals & Departures,
  • Change & Split rooms, and other actions relating to the rooms of the accommodation.
  • Assignments related book transferred to the system management workflow.

Also available search filters to which the plan appears only team everybody looks the user.
Thus, the user, using a full graphical plan deductions will work more "easy" and "fun" and the operator will have all of your necessary information.


Plan room types to graphically display the availability of the hotel's ability to create or change booking room types.

  • Arrivals & Departures Screen

«Webhotel» contains Arrivals & Departures Screen and changes from room to room with a quick and easy way, online information and printed book door and historical archive clients.

  • Task Manager Plan

The Task Manager Plan displays information about existing problems and tasks (cleaning, repair, customer service functions, etc..) In real time to the relevant users.
The system sends alerts to any user who commissioned work.
Each user "see" the list of tasks assigned to it and the current state of.

  • Management Client PROFILES

It can be directly recovered information about customers, including personal data, contact information and full payment history using the search system and system filters.
All data can be saved in CSV format and introduced in other Office applications.

  • Financials

Full Backoffice (accounting module) that allows integrated management of all financial and accounting transactions.
Monitoring of revenue from all parts of the hotel. From a deposit until the issuance of all of the statutory elements.
And even cash statements, monitoring debtors (companies, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Suppliers, etc.), do in advance, credits, discounts, and division or transfer of movement from room to room and from customer to customer.

  • Reporting System.

Webhotel includes a significant number of reports which give full and complete picture of the activity and system status. Here are some of them:

  • Reservation Reports: Monitoring boarding for drawing conclusions about trends, needs and problems.
  • Housekeeping Reports: Housekeeping reports ensure that rooms are ready for the new arrivals as well as special requirements remain fully satisfied.
  • Daily Cash/credit card reports.
  • Arrivals - Departures – Residents.
  • Main Courante.
  • Availability Plans per room and room type..
  • Accounts report.
  • Scheduled Reservations.
  • Scheduled Meals.
  • Reception Book,  Police report..


Webhotel is much more than a online reservation system. It is a powerful Web PMS able to fully meet the needs of small and medium accommodation because it is designed to fully satisfy the front-office and back-office functions and needs.
Listed below the main features:

  • Easy Set-up & Operation

Because Webhotel «run» through the Internet, no software installation or upgrade workstations for users of PMS.

  • Integrated Online Room Reservations.

Among other useful features, the Webhotel enables information offers for last-minute sales, the formation of special prices for corporate clients, travel agents and people with special rights, configuration packages with other services such as excursions and other activities.

  • Automated Data Backup

Data bookings automatically saved in a secure facility (and backups) in a secure facility that is supported by powerful servers and multiple Internet connections (data center), with 24-hour monitoring mechanisms and strong continuity.

  • Remote Accessibility

Access to Webhotel, carried anywhere with determining access rights. Consequently remote company facilities and authorized personnel outside their places of work, have the same access to that key personnel deployment

  • Room Allocation.

Possibility of setting availability (rooms) for tour operators, booking group, special events, etc. with different price lists and special prices. As well as defining Release dates for their release if they have not made ​​the relevant booking.

  • Reservation Management.

Webhotel uses the concept of PNR (Passenger Name Record) which operates as multi-reservation for a "customer", ie a PNR can contain many rooms of different types that are arrivals or departures on different dates.
For example, in one PNR imported all bookings a Travel Agent or Tour Operator or corporate client on different arrivals. Parallel to the PNR may be introduced additional services like sightseeing tours, car rental, etc., provided by either the Hotel or by third parties.
Other important functions supported by the system is:

  • Cancel Reservation,
  • Possibility of split the reservation in many rooms.
  • Possibility to reserve room type or a precise room.
  • Automatic assignment of specific types of rooms to book
  • Change room, meal plan exc.
  • Manage Group Bookings.

Possibility of instant group reservations concerning arrivals group. Payment by either Group manager or per booking.

  • Packages & Discounts

Unlimited changes and fluctuations lists (rates). Ability pricing per day. Changing the price when booking. Ability minimum stay default (minimum stay).

  • Dynamic availability allocation (deposit) & cancellation (cancellation).

Ability to create packages that will include booking room reservations other third party services such as excursions, etc. which enables unique bids. Possibility of discount prices on specific groups such as elderly, team members, etc..

  • Pricelists

The system has a dynamic way to create unlimited price lists per room type, over time and depending on the need and situation such as:

  • Per Tour Operator / per Travel Agent,
  • Per  Contract (Commitment, On Request, Free Sales, Allotment),
  • Per Distribution Channel via internet (GDS, IDS, B2B, Direct Sales, exc)

It also offers price lists «Official», «inernal sale», exc.
Complete price list as appropriate for meals & supplements the hotel.
Pricing done either per room (per room) or person (per person) supporting various types of people.

  • Daily Override

Unlimited changes and fluctuations lists (rates). Ability pricing per day. Changing the price when booking. Ability minimum stay default (minimum stay).

  • Available Interfaces.

Some Available interfaces of Webhotel dispose:

    • The ability to use credit cards.
    • Interface with PBXs as Avaya, exc
    • Interface with electronic locks.
    • Support POS.
    • Interface with GDS via Webhotelier.
  • Check-in & Check-out Receipts.
  • Commission Tracking

Monitoring of supplies on their collaborators.

  • Email Marketing
  • Training

Low Cost Training, due to the completion of the telephone and the internet.

  • Exc.

Advantages of Webhotel

«Webhotel» provides many advantages available only to an internet browser-based PMS as:

  • Simplicity
    It operates via the Internet, eliminating many of the disadvantages and costs associated with a traditional PMS.
  • Affordable cost

The cost of using Webhotel either buy or rent as a model ASP, is much less than the cost of using a traditional PMS taking into account the cost of acquisition, installation, configuration, support annual and annual support on location not in full operation traditional PMS.

  • Integrated and independent booking mechanism

Full integration with Webhotelier on line & real time accommodation booking Engine with leading position in the Greek market. Consequently there is no need to set availability for the web where availability is common for each type of booking made by Webhotel, the Webhotelier, the IDS (Internet Distribution Systems), the GDS (Global Distribution Systems), the book business (B2B ) of Tour Operators, Travel Agents etc.. linking Webhotel with IDS & GDS performed through Webhotelier.

  • Remote Accessibility

The Webhotel access carried out anywhere with determining access rights. With just an internet connection and a PC or Mac computer, the user can manage reservations, check-ins of customer funds and repairs.

  • Data Security.

Booking and Accounting data is automatically stored (and backed up) in a secure facility that is supported by powerful servers and multiple Internet connections (data center), with 24-hour monitoring mechanisms and strong continuity.

Webhotel Pricing Plan

Webhotel is available with two payment methods:

  1. Sale of the system in the form of unlimited use accompanied by granting authorization use (license).
  2. Using the model ASP (Application Service Provider) as a service or as was registered in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service).

The characteristics of SaaS are as follows:

  • There are no initial costs of supply and installation.
  • Installation, configuration, connecting interfaces (if required), training, support and upgrades are provided at no cost.
  • The cost is estimated:
  • On a monthly / quarterly / half-yearly basis and shows the number of days of stay per room.
  •  By online booking you will enter in the system from WBE.

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